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Distilled from the finest grain spirit in small batches and infused with locally hand-harvested buchu, honey bush and confetti bush, our Fynbos Gin evokes the essence of summer!


Crystal clear, deep and complex with upfront juniper notes and a fragrant aromatic bouquet with orange zest. 


Enjoy with tonic over ice for a classic gin-and-tonic. Perfect for a martini by combining two parts gin with half part vermouth strained over ice cubes and poured into a martini glass. Add a dash of bitters and garnish with olives or lemon zest. 


Distilled from the finest grain spirit, this unique gin has extraordinary length and lingers on the palate. It’s playful with its beautiful pink hue from the hibiscus flower and exceptionally refreshing. 


Distinctive aromatics of local fynbos blend seamlessly with juniper, citrus, herbaceous and delicate floral notes. 


Enjoy with tonic over ice for a more floral take on the classic gin-and-tonic or in legendary cocktails such as Gin Mule, Negroni and Aviation.


Distilled from the finest grain spirit and infused with botanicals and whole black and red pepper kernels, this is a bold, unique gin experience. 


Robust and intensely aromatic with bright and spicy notes, beautifully integrated juniper and botanical notes ending with a full and balanced finish. 


Enjoy with tonic water garnished with a slice of grape-fruit served over ice for a spicy, refreshing drink.   

Blue Pea

Distilled from the finest grain spirit and infused with fragrant Blue Pea which gives the gin its luminous indigo colour. It is such a beautiful gin to look at!


Classic juniper and citrus flavours linger with earthy layers of cut grass and spice, ending with a full and lengthy aftertaste. 


Prepare a colour-shifting gin-and-tonic by enjoy our Blue Pea Gin with tonic and watch the magical transformation of how the colour transforms from blue to purple and pink when adding acidic mixers.