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Our Story

Jorgensen’s is a distillery like none other. It’s a family affair that started with founder and first craft gin distiller in South Africa, Roger Jorgensen. Since his semi-retirement from distilling to focus on consulting, and our purchase of the distillery in 2018, our close-knit family thrives in realising our dream of farm living, and creating the finest hand-crafted, small batch spirits. Quinn worked for many years in the liquor industry and it was only natural for him to take over as distiller and innovator. Our three sons help out when extra hands are needed and each have a role to play when we bottle and label our spirits by hand. 

Jorgensen’s Distillery is situated on the farm Versailles in the picturesque town of Wellington where it nestles against the backdrop of the majestic Limietberg Mountain Range. The farm dates back to 1688 when the first owner Pierre Cronier, a French Huguenot, planted vines in the fertile soil.


Today our family live in the original farmhouse and the creaks from the wooden floor and expansive high volume sealings, tell stories of the splendour and hardships that the people of Versailles has encountered for centuries.

Our tastings are intimate and casual, surrounded by spectacular views of the Wellington mountains, vineyards and our life.



Craft has many definitions but for us it’s about the personal touch, the care and passion with which we make our small batch spirits. We bottle by hand. We label and number each by hand. Not all the labels are perfect and that’s exactly the way that we like it! Nothing gets more personal than a truly hand-crafted spirit from our distillery. 


Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty is our much-loved 200 litre copper pot still in which we distil all our hand-crafted spirits. She’s an old dame but one that doesn’t let the years show in her work. Roger found her in the early 2000s at an antique shop in Stanford and lovingly restored her to her original grandeur. Made in Paarl in the 1860s by Cape Coppersmiths she’s a legendary pot still that could tell many tales of brandy distillation in the Boland. An explosion a few years ago added a few dents to her beautiful curves but these are now mere character traits hence the name ‘Ugly Betty’ and certainly not a reflection of the purity of the spirit she produces! 

We hope to see you soon!

The Jorgensens Team