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WILD ROSE Original Vodka

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WILD ROSE Original Vodka 750ml - a pinnacle of purity and craftsmanship. Exclusively distilled in small batches, this perfectly clear pure grain spirit captures the essence of true vodka, delivering a crisp and clean nature that will elevate your vodka experience.

WILD ROSE Original Vodka - A Testament to Craftsmanship

TASTING NOTES: Indulge in the smooth and inviting character of WILD ROSE Original Vodka as it caresses your palate with effortless grace. Prominent citrussy aromas tantalize your senses, a signature feature of the cold climate Cederberg spelt grain used in its creation. This distinctive blend gives rise to a vodka that stands apart, making every sip an exploration of refined taste and unparalleled quality.

SERVING SUGGESTION: WILD ROSE Original Vodka is more than just a spirit; it's a true sipping vodka meant to be savored and appreciated. For the ultimate experience, serve it ice-cold, allowing the pure and unadulterated flavors to take center stage. Alternatively, savor it poured over ice, unlocking new dimensions of its character as you explore its depth and smoothness.

Jorgensen's Distillery, founded in 1994 by the visionary pioneer and master distiller, Roger Jorgensen, stands tall as the father of the Craft spirit industry in South Africa. The distillery's establishment marked a significant moment in history, becoming the first private distillery in the country post the prohibition era of the 1960s. With WILD ROSE Original Vodka, the distillery continues to showcase its dedication to excellence and passion for crafting unparalleled spirits.

Unleash your discerning palate and discover the purity of WILD ROSE Original Vodka. Each bottle represents a tribute to the art of distillation and a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your vodka experience with this small-batch wonder, a testament to the enduring legacy of Jorgensen's Distillery and the true essence of vodka in every 750ml bottle.

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