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​KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka

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KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka - a distinguished 750ml embodiment of tradition and excellence, enriched by the revered Maanskyn Tradisie, inviting both men and women to partake in a cherished South African ritual. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and guided by the esteemed legacy of Jorgensen's Distillery, this vodka captures the essence of the Kontrei and pays homage to the artistry of distillation.

Elevate Your Vodka Experience with KAAPSE Kontrei


Immerse yourself in the soul of the Kontrei with every sip of KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka. Delight in the smoothness that defines this vodka, as it glides across your palate, leaving a gentle warmth in its wake. The carefully selected ingredients combine to create a balanced and captivating profile that embodies the spirit of the Kontrei. KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka is more than a drink; it's an invitation to embrace the timeless Maanskyn Tradisie and savor the essence of South African heritage.


Celebrate the versatility of KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka by savoring it neat or using it as a base for your favorite cocktails. Experience the joy of the Maanskyn Tradisie with every sip, whether shared among friends or enjoyed in solitude. KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka promises a taste of the Kontrei that resonates with both the past and the present.

Jorgensen's Distillery, founded in 1994 by the visionary pioneer and master distiller, Roger Jorgensen, stands as a symbol of the Craft spirit industry in South Africa. The distillery's establishment marked a momentous occasion, becoming the first private distillery in the country post the prohibition era of the 1960s. With KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka, the distillery continues to honor its legacy while pushing the boundaries of distillation, embracing the Maanskyn Tradisie that unites generations.

Experience the essence of South African craftsmanship with KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka. Each bottle is a tribute to the purity of ingredients and the cherished Maanskyn Tradisie. Elevate your vodka collection with this exceptional creation, embodying the spirit of the Kontrei and the legacy of a true pioneer. Let the captivating taste of KAAPSE Kontrei Vodka transport you to the heart of South Africa and the cherished Maanskyn Tradisie with every 750ml bottle.

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