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JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin 750ml - a handcrafted gin that takes boldness to new heights with its uniquely spicy profile. Made with utmost care using only juniper, Cape long pepper, and Cape lime, this gin is an unforgettable experience that excites the palate with every sip.

JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin - A Spicy Sensation

TASTING NOTES: Prepare to embark on a journey of bold flavors with JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin. Uniquely spicy, this gin delights the senses with base notes of juniper, Cape long pepper, and Cape lime, creating a tantalizing fusion of taste and aroma. The interplay of these distinctive botanicals delivers a gin that is both intense and well-balanced, with a smooth and satisfying finish that leaves a lasting impression.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Experience the fiery character of JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin by enjoying it with tonic water garnished with a slice of grapefruit served over ice. The spiciness of the gin complements the refreshing tonic, creating a dynamic and invigorating drink that is perfect for any occasion.

JORGENSEN'S Distillery, founded in 1994 by the visionary pioneer and master distiller, Roger Jorgensen, stands as the father of the Craft spirit industry in South Africa. The distillery's establishment marked a momentous occasion as the first private distillery in the country post the prohibition era of the 1960s. With JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin, the distillery continues to push the boundaries of distillation and craftmanship.

Unleash your adventurous spirit and savor the boldness of JORGENSEN'S Pepper Gin. Each bottle represents a tribute to the art of distillation and a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your gin experience with this uniquely spicy creation that embodies the spirit of Jorgensen's Distillery and the passion of its master distiller. Let the fiery fusion of flavors ignite your senses and savor the extraordinary pleasure that awaits within each 750ml bottle.

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