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Black Horse London Dry Gin

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Brand: Black Horse

Presenting Black Horse London Dry Gin - a 750ml testament to the artistry of Jorgensen's Distillery. Crafted with meticulous care and expertise, this exquisite gin captures the essence of balance with its signature juniper-forward flavor profile.

Discover the Legacy of Black Horse London Dry Gin


Indulge in the harmonious symphony of flavors that define Black Horse London Dry Gin. With a balanced and refined character, this gin showcases the prominence of juniper in every sip. The carefully curated botanical blend dances on your palate, offering a delightful journey through the world of gin with each nuanced note. Black Horse London Dry Gin embodies the legacy of craftsmanship that Jorgensen's Distillery is renowned for.


Elevate your gin experience with Black Horse London Dry Gin. Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or in your favorite cocktail, its versatile nature ensures that every sip is a celebration of flavor. Embrace the timeless tradition of gin appreciation as you explore the intricate layers of taste that make Black Horse a true masterpiece.

Jorgensen's Distillery, established in 1994 by the visionary pioneer and master distiller, Roger Jorgensen, stands as a testament to the evolution of the Craft spirit industry in South Africa. Paving the way for innovation and excellence, Jorgensen's Distillery became the first private distillery in the country post the prohibition era of the 1960s. With Black Horse London Dry Gin, the distillery continues to honor its legacy while pushing the boundaries of distillation.

Unleash your discerning palate and embrace the legacy of Black Horse London Dry Gin. Each bottle encapsulates the spirit of craftsmanship and dedication that defines Jorgensen's Distillery. Elevate your gin collection with this exceptional creation, celebrating the essence of juniper and the legacy of a true pioneer. Let the captivating taste of Black Horse London Dry Gin transport you to a world of flavor and sophistication with every 750ml bottle.

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