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Jorgensen's Range


A zesty blend of Macedonian Juniper and peppery Grains of Paradise, this is a classically styled gin perfect for a martini. 


Distilled in small batches in our copper pot still, the botanicals are suspended in the still above the spirit to bathe in its vapours and release the delicate aromas. 

Primitiv Vodka

This authentic and sophisticated vodka is not just another vodka. It’s lovingly hand-crafted from organic Spelt sourced from the high altitudes of the Cederberg. 


Primitiv Vodka is a return to the tradition of purity and the skill required to preserve the subtle nuances of the grains. Silky smooth with a rush of peppery spice, elusive floral and anise lead to a creamy grain base and inspiring masculine finish. 


In true Russian-custom, Primit Vodka is a sipping vodka and best enjoyed extremely cold. 


All the herbs for flavouring of our Field of Dreams Absinthe are grown by us at Versailles. It’s organic and distilled in the traditional French method to a recipe dating back to 1871. 


Our Absinthe is inspired by the Belle Époque when the beautiful people of the Café Society of the Left Bank and Montmartre were living in a culture of intense creativity and excitement.  Painters, poets, writers, thinkers and society belles and beaux indulged in the legendary excesses of the period.  

For best enjoyment the required amount of Field of Dreams Absinthe should be diluted slowly with three times its volume of iced water.  Watch the mesmerising louche, or colour change, savour the fragrance and sip slowly.  If you prefer your absinthe sweeter drip the iced water over a cube of sugar and let it dissolve into the absinthe.